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Bersandi Parfums was established in 1993 and was founded by Bernie and Sandy. Bersandi is a Trademark and part of the Butterbur and Sage Group. The main office is at 3-5 Cremyll Road, Reading RG1 8NQ. VAT Reg. No: GB 480058454 Company No: 1766782

Bernie is a one of the author’s of the ‘Perfume Kit’ Book published in 1996. The Perfumes were designed to help people to mix and match or create their own perfume from the Perfume Kit.

We have continued to supply all the bases and special ‘notes’ for your own designer perfume with all the manufacturing notes you may need. Natural perfumes can be created, though the bases, essential oils or absolutes may be covered by current European Community regulations as well as the International Fragrance Research Association. However, once you have chosen your own unique fragrance it is special to you and cannot be copied easily. You need to be aware that fragrances for your own Perfume Wardrobe varies with your personality, image and age.

It is also possible to create Male Fragrances, splashes, after shaves and the increasingly interesting Unisex perfumes. The range you can produce is vast and you may wish to market a particular perfume for your own company.

Bernie worked in the aroma industry for 30 years and was awaded a Doctorate for his work by the European University some 6 years ago. He has also pioneered the purity of natural oils with the establishment of the European Community special Mark for Natural Organics.

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