Perfume Manufacturing

A Unique Manufacturing Facility for the Perfume Industry
Bersandi Parfums operares a specially designed facility dedicated to the manufacture of perfumery products, and specially produced for a variety of applications. It is housed in a custom designed industrial unit

Stage 1 - Mixing of Bulk Products

Specialist stainlkess steel blening vessels for bulk quantities of 25kg to 200kg per batch. The systems are combined with cooling facilities, reducing the temperature prior to special filtering

Stage 2 - Maturation

After mixing, a bulk product is taken off-line and matured for a minimum of seven days in sealed stainless steel    storage vessels prior to return to its for chilling

Storage 3 - Filtration

A cold-filter for the bulk product which is both stable and clear

Stage 4 - Filling

Apparatus for filling large quantites automatically are used with a variety of speeds, ranging from 10ml to 500ml fill

Stage 5 - Crimping

A specially designed crimping head is used to complete the perfume bottle

Stage 6 - Collar Fitting

A collar can be fitted to finish off the display aspect of the bottle

Stage 7 - Labelling

Labelling and coding the prodcut is essential for identification and to fulfill leislative requirements

Storage 8 - Coding

Texts and barcodes can be added at this stageThe Perfume Palace Ltd operates a Quality Management Programme in accordance with Euro Cert Standard and maintains product records for each batch manufactured.  Frequent inspection is undertaken during a filling run for:
  •   Bottle Quality and Bottle volume
  •   Crimp quality
  •   Label positioning
  •   Code application

 The Perfume Palace Ltd operates in strict compliance with current legislation